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  1. Deborah Chud says:

    Hello. I’m a MA landscape designer and educator with a special area of expertise: the work of Piet Oudolf, the most famous landscape designer in the world. I’ve done extensive research on him and have given many talks to members of garden clubs and green organizations over the past two years.
    I offer 2 presentations: “A Piet Oudolf Story” and “Not Your Mother’s Garden”. There are brief trailers for both on my website, which you can view via the link below if you paste it into your browser.
    I wonder if you think your members would be interested in them.
    Lists of references, prior speaking engagements, and reviews on request.
    Deborah Chud
    Chestnut Hill, MA

  2. Forrest Old says:

    Hi there,

    Our company, Eden Brothers, has been working with garden clubs in your area and many of them are part of a larger organization, such as yours! Eden Brothers is one of the largest online distributors of seed and flower bulb assortments in the United States.

    We’re looking to provide you with a discount code for 20% off our full range of products, which you can share with your members. All we ask in return is for a link from your site to ours, in the form of a thank you post or something similar. We can also provide a $200 gift certificate to go along with the discount code.

    Is this something you’d be interested in? Please let me know if you have any questions.

    You can find more information about us here: